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Aesthetic medicine among the younger generations between 20 and 30 years old. Young people want visible results that can be quickly adapted to a limited budget. The result must be visible, for example, especially for lip augmentation. The chin must be well protruding and the angle of the jaws.
For the skin, radiofrequency improves acne scars and promotes the creation of new collagen.

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What is anti-aging medicine ?

Anti-aging medicine provides targeted non-invasive responses. Medical rejuvenation for facial beauty, it is a solution that aims to reduce the wrinkles around the eyes and mouth or to restore volume to the cheeks and lips.

If there is one fashionable discipline in the field of aesthetics, it is anti-aging medicine! It also displaces surgery for very specific procedures, with non-surgical techniques of which the most requested are injections.

Embellish your eyes

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Combination of hyaluronic and succinic acids in treatment of dark circles


Presentation by dr. Sylvie POIGNONEC of the combined treatment of succinic and hyaluronic acids to treat of dark circles

The main treatments in anti-aging medicine !

What are the anti-aging solutions?

Anti-aging medicine can be used to treat wrinkles, scars (including acne), pigmentation spots and unsightly blood vessels, but also to rejuvenate the face, eyes, neckline, hands, etc.

For the man, who carries the wrinkle better injections of absorbable gel based on hyaluronic acid make it possible to sculpt the features: thus, it is possible to erase the pronounced nasolabial folds, to raise the look, to give volume to the face or to fill a cheek a little hollow…

  • Radiofrequency face
  • Photo rejuvenation
  • Medical LED emitted light
  • Final epilation
  • Hair transplant
  • Lipo-filling lipostructure
  • Injectable products
  • Wrinkle Treatment
  • Facial Augmentation & Volumes
  • Filling products
  • Mesotherapy
  • Peel

A consultation with an experienced cosmetic physician is essential to ensure that the treatment is safe.
It is both an art and a science that only an experienced health professional can do.

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The success of anti-aging medicine is due to its ease of use, its speed, its effectiveness and the instantaneous, sometimes spectacular, results it produces, especially since the use of new volumizing techniques and muscle relaxation techniques with botulinum toxin. It is also less frightening than a visit to the operating theatre and post-injections are mild.

Botulinum toxin injection, hyaluronic acid injection, autologous fat injection (its own fat) and laser hair removal.

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Lipo-filling or lipostructure : Reinjection of autologous fat, filling of subcutaneous depressions with fat taken from the patient

The technique : it consists of a series of small punctures in the muscle of the targeted area. By blocking muscle contraction, Botox® prevents wrinkles from forming. The injection is painless and lasts about ten minutes. The result is seen between four and fifteen days, and lasts six months.

Hyaluronic acid hydrates, restores volume: Wrinkles and fine lines, crow’s feet, naso-labial folds, bitter chin folds, cheeks, nose, lips, etc.

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Dr. POIGNONEC’s opinion

Docteur POIGNONEC plastic surgeon in Paris Botox® is very popular because it gives a lifting effect, without surgery, which lasts several months. Beware however of exotic toxins sold on the Internet at very low prices and whose quality leaves something to be desired.

Botulinum toxin

Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes – reduces dark circles.
Better known as Botox®, botulinum toxin remains the number one method of treating facial wrinkles. It weakens the muscle and erases wrinkles by opening the eyes.

AAC Label : reliable and safe injection techniques

Information, medical advice and safety

Whatever the request, it is up to the aesthetic doctor to propose the treatment best suited to the patient’s case, after having listened carefully to him and after having carried out a personalised overall clinical examination. The physician should explain the potential risks, side effects and possible complications.

Information request about anti-aging medicine

Question to ask your plastic surgeon smoking cessation is strongly recommended. The vapotage is to avoid if the liquids of your electronic cigarette contain nicotine which is vasoconstrictor, even in the absence of tar.

Advice and contraindications after treatment :

Stay at rest, lying down or sitting, as recommended by your doctor, for 3 hours after the injections.

  • Do not massage the face into areas treated with botulinum toxin. The surgeon will massage the face with circular movements on the areas injected with hyaluronic acid.
  • Do not peel.
  • Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Avoid exposure to heat, sun, UV and sauna for a few days.

Injections must be performed by an experienced specialist

Pulsed light

Sun and age spots, couperose, pregnancy spots, permanent hair removal, pulsed light, also called flash light, can be applied all over the body, especially the face, hands and décolleté. It gradually replaces the laser, because the risk of burns is exceptional.

The pulsed light technique

Several beams of light burn the treated area. It takes about 3 sessions of 30 minutes to see the first effects. A slight sensation of heat and tingling is felt.

Scientific Director Sylvie POIGNONEC Treatment of cellulite excerpt: Anti-âge Magazine N°6 – Cellulite Treatment

Dr. POIGNONEC’s opinion

Docteur POIGNONEC Plastic surgeon in Paris Pulsed light also has a positive side effect: it regenerates the skin, closes dilated pores and gives radiance. However, it should be avoided on dark or coloured skins. By choosing a qualified and competent practitioner, trained in this type of treatment, you limit these risks as much as possible without however completely eliminating them. In any case, if you have any concerns after these injections, do not hesitate to contact the plastic and aesthetic surgeon.

Laser hair removal:

Why should it be done by a doctor?

The use of the laser in France must be performed by a doctor in medicine, trained for this type of gesture because it is an act that is not without risks (risk of burns). Moreover, only a doctor can detect a hormonal pathology (hair growth). Permanent laser hair removal by Doctor Sylvie POIGNONEC

AESTHETIC SURGERY Anti-aging medicine treatments source : Best extract from the book Best extract from the book « La chirurgie esthétique, les solutions et les conseils de mon chirurgien » © Ambre Publishing | The author : Dr. Sylvie POIGNONEC – Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon, located in of Paris, specialized in plastic, aesthetic & reconstructive surgery

Side effects and complications of botulinum toxin

Side effects and complications of botulinum toxin

Complications are very rare, here are the possible known complications:

Some rare side effects may occur:

Side effects are transient. This may include:

  • Redness: localized redness at injection sites has sometimes been reported and rarely persists beyond 3-6 days.
  • Ecchymoses (“bruises”): bruises are in fact rarely observed in the injection areas and may last a few days.
  • oedemas: swelling, most often around the eyes, may develop gradually over 4 to 5 days, then decrease in a few days to a few weeks.
  • Sensitivity disorders: a sensation of tension or fixity of the forehead, mouth or neck, depending on the areas injected, as well as a change in sensitivity often linked to a sensation of cardboarding may persist for several days.
  • Fugitive ocular or facial pain: such pain has been described in the injected areas in a quite exceptional way.

General Complications

What are the general complications:

They are quite exceptional.

  • Allergic reaction : rash, hives, general allergic reaction.
  • Nausal, dizziness
  • Tiredness, fever, flu syndrome
  • Dry skin or dry mouth.

Post-injection follow-up

In addition to these known risks, there are unpredictability of duration and aspects, and finally, exceptional risks, even unknown risks inherent in any medical procedure. All in all, we must not overestimate the risks, but simply become aware that a medical-surgical act, even a seemingly simple one, always involves a small proportion of risks. Using a qualified practitioner ensures that they have the training and skills required to avoid these complications, or treat them effectively if necessary.

Its success is due to its ease of use, its speed, its efficiency and the instantaneous, sometimes spectacular, results it produces, especially since the use of new volumizing techniques and muscle relaxation techniques with botulinum toxin. It is also less frightening than a visit to the operating theatre and post-injections are mild.

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