Plastic Surgery Consultation

The consultations take place in the Centre Esthétique Paris - Eiffel located at 10 rue de la Pompe Paris 16th district. 

Consultation request


Make an appointment Monday to Friday telephone:
8:00 a.m – 8 p.m. .

How do I explain my expectations for the surgical project to Dr POIGNONEC?

All you need to know :

In order to provide the best service and the best technology to accompany his patients during the consultation, Doctor POIGNONEC is equipped with the most advanced 3D simulation solution, allowing you to project yourself and answer all your questions.

Dr. POIGNONEC will explain to you the changes that best suit your needs, while respecting the limits of surgery and the harmony of your face and/or body.

You want to prepare a 3D connected consultation at home, download 3 selfies from your smartphone or computer and tablet...

This technology can be used remotely for 3D teleconsultation. In this case, you must specify an online consultation when making an appointment.

Click on the « Create your profile and prepare your 3D consultation button (link in the video), after completing the modelling on the 3D medical platform, simply click on the bouton «Book a consultation » button and arrange a consultation with Dr POIGNONEC.

With the 3D connected consultation, you can prepare in advance for the teleconsultation without having to travel !

Perform your own optional 3D plastic surgery simulation before online consultation

For a first consultation !

The aim of the first teleconsultation (video consultation), just like the traditional consultation in the office, is to get to know me by telling me freely and simply what is bothering you and what you would like to improve or change. I will establish a sincere dialogue with you and explain the most suitable technique to achieve the medical aesthetic treatment or surgery you want. You will be given all the necessary information on the techniques and risks inherent in each treatment or operation. At the end of this consultation, you will be given an estimate.

What can you expect from the consultation ?

If you wish certain aesthetic medical treatments, they can be carried out on the same day or postponed to a date of your choice.
– Dr. POIGNONEC’s consultation is scheduled from Monday to Friday and takes place in his medical office in Paris. This is a good time to discuss your motivation for cosmetic surgery or aesthetic medicine requests.
– In some cases, photos are also taken using a computer simulation.
– The first consultation can last 30 minutes or more. At the end of it, you will be given a detailed documentation about cosmetic surgery or aesthetic procedures you are interested in.
– As a recommended guideline, the cost of the first consultation is 100 euros, unless you are undergoing cosmetic medicine treatment, in which case you only have to pay this fee.
– The consultation and follow-up after surgery or post-injection are free of charge.
– Do not hesitate to ask Dr POIGNONEC or his assistant any questions you may have.


Questions to ask the plastic surgeon :

If you communicate openly with your surgeon and set realistic goals, you will achieve the best results. Understanding your goals, expectations and motivations is essential for a successful collaboration between you and the surgeon. Then you will decide together if plastic surgery is right for you. During your consultation, do not hesitate to ask the surgeon the following questions:

Non-exhaustive list of questions to prepare for your consultation

  • Have you been certified by the Ordre des Medecins ?
  • Have you been accredited by the HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé) ?
  • Which professional organisation are you a member of ?
  • Are you a member of the French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery S.O.F.C.P.R.E ?
  • How many such procedures have you performed ?
  • What has been your experience in performing this operation ?
  • How many years of training in plastic surgery have you had and what are your qualifications ?
  • Have you received specialised training in plastic surgery ?
  • What should I do or not do before the operation ?
  • >What different types of anaesthesia are available to me ?
  • Where will the operation be performed ?
  • How long does the operation last and how long does it take to be hospitalised ?
  • What are the post-operative consequences, the recovery period and the type of pain caused ?
  • How long is the downtime ?
  • What are the possible risks, side effects and complications associated with this procedure ?
  • If I have a problem, or if I feel that my recovery is becoming more complicated, what follow-up measures does the clinic have ?
  • How do I deal with complications ?
  • If I am not satisfied with the results of the operation, what are my options ?
  • How long does it take to heal (scarring) ?
  • Do you have “before and after” photos of each procedure ?
  • What real benefits can I get after the operation ?
  • Do I need to take time off work ?
  • If so, how long will it last ?
  • When will I have clear final results ?
  • What is the total cost of the procedure ?

Second consultation !

When planning an operation, the second consultation is essential and free of charge, and you will be informed again about the advantages and disadvantages of the operation. After jointly determining the expected results, all your questions will be answered and any unclear points will be clarified. Whatever surgery you are going to have, the surgeon will be the only one to determine the feasibility.

If you choose or confirm the date of the surgery, all documents relating to the surgery will be provided to you by the secretariat, and you will be asked to sign an estimate and a consent form.

When to make an appointment with an anaesthetist ?

Consultation with an anaesthetist is essential. This is done two weeks before the operation. The anaesthetist will review your medical history and check the pre-operative tests requested by the surgeon to ensure that there are no contraindications to anaesthesia.

The intervention...

The stay at the clinic is usually organised a few hours before the operation.
A pre-operation shower with Betadine will be done at home in the morning before the operation, even if you come by private car. Otherwise, if you come by public transport, you will do it at the clinic.
The anaesthesia is carried out to the highest safety standards. There is a recovery room in the operating theatre, and a specialist nurse will accompany the patient after the operation.

Post-operation consultation !

Free post-operation follow-up consultation

The first dressing is done at the end of the operation. You will be given a discharge prescription and an appointment for a post-operative consultation at the aesthetic medical practice a few days later.

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