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Dr. POIGNONEC is a very dynamic surgeon, at the service of medicine, plastic surgery and his patients.

Driven by a desire for continuous improvement in order to provide you with the best care, she has taken part in numerous conferences to discover the latest technologies or innovations, and she herself provides training for surgeons.

Doctor POIGNONEC is always in a good mood, very accessible and very close to her patients, she will reassure you right away, you can easily confide in her during the consultation.

If you send her an Internet message, you can also obtain information, but it is preferable to go to her office for a consultation in order to benefit from a quality consultation, thanks to her experience and expertise, which can be carried out according to your situation and perform a surgical procedure that is important to you.

Operating assistant in cosmetic surgery, qualified by the Ministry of Health.
Agnès will answer all your questions and queries about aesthetic procedures, surgical techniques and products used.

Medical and surgical assistant to Dr POIGNONEC, instrumental operating assistant in cosmetic surgery, qualified by the Ministry of Health.

Doctor S. POIGNONEC is not always available to answer all your questions. Agnès has all the necessary skills to take over and help you live your operation in the greatest serenity.

She will accompany you from your first consultation in your project. She will be your privileged interlocutor to give you all the necessary information concerning your surgical operation but also your aesthetic medicine care.

She will assist you on the day of your operation in the operating theatre and will take care of your post-operative care with Dr POIGNONEC.


We are here for you !

You can contact her by calling the secretariat from Monday to Friday:

8am to 8pm

You have decided or are planning to have cosmetic surgery or cosmetic medicine. We are here to support you.

In order for you to be able to get answers to your questions at any time before, during and after any medical or cosmetic surgery procedure, and in order for you to be able to find complete care in our practice, I have a professional and dynamic team:

– My surgical assistant, Agnès REMOND, instrumentalist operating assistant in cosmetic surgery for more than 30 years is qualified by the Ministry of Health. She is always at my side, in the office, during your operation in the operating theatre. She will be your privileged interlocutor, will be able to answer all your questions, and will accompany you before, during and after your operation.

– Tatiana and Virginie, my secretaries in the office, are in charge of organising my consultation schedule and taking care of all administrative matters. They will do their best to find you an appointment as soon as possible. I stay in touch with them all the time to answer any messages you leave me.

– Our beautician, Jane, a specialist in eye care, will carry out all your facial beauty treatments, make-up, eyelashes and eyebrows at your request; Emmanuelle, an expert in skin pigmentation of scars and semi-permanent products.

– My team and I combine all our skills so that you can rediscover your natural beauty in the best conditions.


Anaesthetists and resuscitators

The medical aesthetic team in Paris 1
Dr. DESPIERRE has extensive experience in anaesthesia using the most modern techniques in total safety.
  • Gentle sedation and awakening.
  • The fight against pain is our top priority.

Dr. Jean-Pascal JEDREC, our anaesthetist at the Alphand Clinic. He will consult you and carry out a detailed clinical examination before the surgery.
He will choose with you the type of anaesthesia needed (local assisted, sedative or general).
After the surgery, he will prescribe all the necessary painkillers for optimal comfort.


The medical aesthetic team in Paris 2

Service of the Centre

Emmanuelle is a specialist in dermopigmentation of scars, and practices semi-definitive make-up in medical aesthetics.
The treatment of scars :
– post breast augmentation/reduction
– areola harmonisation
– post lifting
– other body scars
Treatment of pigmentation in the following areas
– eyebrows
– lips
– eyes (lash line, liner)



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