Explanations : Doctor POIGNONEC plastic surgeon in Paris”]Mini face lift or Mini facial lifting

What is the mini face lift ?

A mini face lift is a natural, fast and harmonious correction of your face. In a few hours of clinic and in a few days, you can be rid of the stigmata of the passing time and find a refreshed, radiant face.

Mini-face lift : no age limit !

The mini face lift is intended for all people wishing a slight improvement of their face whatever their age. A micro facelift at 30 years, a mini facelift at 40 years, a mini facelift at 50 or 60 years or a half facelift at 70 years will correct only what bothers you: the look, the cheeks, the oval, the neck, without modifying your expressions, without freezing or inflating, and especially without long social or professional eviction. With current techniques, a few hours in an outpatient clinic are enough to obtain the natural and lasting result you want.

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The main thing is to do only what you want :

We can give all the names to this mini face lift: “mini face lift, half face lift, micro face lift”, the main one for the experienced specialist surgeon being to answer exactly to your request.

Patients who tell me in consultation

The surgeon I saw before told me that, in addition to a facelift, he was going to treat my wrinkles around my eyes, fill in wrinkles of my lips, treat dark circles and bags under my eyes, but I don’t want, I just want to have a glow, I asked her for a mini face lift, I don’t want anything else.

These patients are right :

A surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery must effectively know all the techniques to improve a face or correct defects, sequelae of accident or illness. But it must not make its own rules. He must put his knowledge at the service of the patient and respect his request.
A patient who asks for a mini facelift does not want to change, he just wants to tighten the bottom of the face that collapses for example, rediscover the oval of the face, firm the neck, or slightly tighten the region of the cheekbones which weighs down its glance. He does not especially want to remove his small wrinkles around the eyes that give him his expression, or re-inflate his lips.
Thus the complete examination of your face that I carry out at the time of my consultations makes it possible, certainly, to highlight all these small signs of ageing but often, they are these small signs which make the charm of your personality and which you want to preserve.

The mini face lift: the technique in practice !

  • You come to the practice and you tell me exactly what you want. Often the gesture that comes back is this: you put 2 fingers on each side of your face, under your ears, and you say: “I just want this”. Or, behind the ears, to tighten the neck a little. I take your picture and we study together what is actually possible. A micro lift, mini lift or half lift can be performed in all these cases. Eventually we can do a computer simulation so that you can see the result.
  • If you can not come for consultation, if you live far away or abroad, you can send by mail photographs and your exact request and I will answer you.
  • he operation of the mini face lift consists of tensioning the skin and muscles facing the area you want to correct, by well hidden scars.

Surgical follow-up: how long is the hematoma on the face after the facelift ?

  • After surgery, haematomas or bruises following a mini face lift are extremely rare. You will have a slight edema (swelling) and maybe a few small bruises that will last a few days. Social or professional life can be resumed in a few days.
  • There is little or no pain, can be a discomfort that you can easily remove with analgesics, paracetamol type.
  • There are no wires to remove, all sutures are done inside.

Mini face lift : reimbursement and treatment

There is no possibility of coverage or reimbursement by the Social Security because it is an aesthetic intervention. A personalized estimate is given at the end of the consultation. If you send an e-mail, a price range can be given to you after study of your photographs and your written request.

Are micro facial lift and aesthetic medicine compatible?

For those who wish, the result of a mini face lift can be complemented by other anti-aging rejuvenation techniques to improve skin quality or certain wrinkles. Once your mini face lift has been done which will have corrected your oval or neck, if you want a more radiant, less dull, firmer, spotless skin, you can benefit from the devices I have in the office such as radiofrequency, pulsed light or LEDs.

Different kinds of peelings, injections of hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, skin boosters, vitamins, mesotherapy or others, can also correct some wrinkles more unsightly than others such as the bitterness wrinkle that starts from the corners of the mouth and goes down.

Unlike other surgeons, I do not like to perform these treatments in the operating room at the same time as the mini face lift. For 3 reasons : on the one hand, you are lying on the operating table, so it is more difficult to appreciate how much of the product to put on.

On the other hand, I prefer to wait a few days, when you return to the office after the operation, because often, the operation was enough to improve what bothered you. Finally, the third reason is that I prefer to inject the products in a sitting or semi sitting position, at your request taking into account your expressions and what you want.

Mini face lift and other plastic surgery procedures

If you wish to associate other small simple gestures to the Mini face lift, that does not pose a problem because the majority of the interventions are also carried out in ambulatory and you will be able to leave the same day of the operation.

Thus one can associate to a micro face lift or to a mini face lift an eyelid lift, an eyebrow lift. You can remove the bags from the lower eyelids that make them look tired. One can also refine a nose tip or even lift it up, in a way do a « nose lift », because often, with age, the tip of the nose falls off. And above all, the mini facelift can be combined with a lipo aspiration of the jowls or chin, when the chin and neck are a little stuffed. Conversely, it is possible to fill with your own fat, lipofilling technique with small cannulas, areas that grow like dark circles under the eyes. All this without of course changing your face or your expressions.

Mini Face Lift or Mini Face Lift Source : Best extract from the book « La chirurgie esthétique, les solutions et les conseils de mon chirurgien » © Ambre Editions | The author : Dr. Sylvie POIGNONEC – Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon, located in the heart of Paris, specialized in plastic, aesthetic & reconstructive surgery

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