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Aesthetic surgery of the eyes and eye contour

What is eye beautification ?

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Excess skin and fatty tissue is removed
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Why hire an international surgeon ?

We call on internationally renowned surgeons to share various surgical options and technological innovations through the experience of different speakers.
Indeed, the need for rejuvenation and beautification of the eyes during cosmetic surgery is very common, and is still one of the main reasons for consultation.

Lifting des paupières avant après blépharoplastie

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What changes can men or women in their 30s and 40s see and how can they respond ?

Aesthetic eye surgery 5From the age of 40 or even earlier, there are subtle changes around the periorbital area, such as fine lines, small pockets of fat, dark circles and tear troughs.
Then the skin of the upper eyelid will be slightly swollen, sometimes forming a real “cap”, affecting make-up. In men, the eyebrows are sometimes lowered, which narrows the opening of the cleft palpebral. It can form larger pockets, fatty hernias and give a very tired appearance.

Aesthetic eye surgery 6As a result, men or women usually want limited minimally invasive surgery that can be performed under local anaesthesia and does not require a long hospital stay. Today’s technology aims to reduce post-operative time while achieving the most natural results possible. Without the appearance of having been operated on.

Cosmetic surgery must combine the complexity of the results with the complete invisibility of the surgical process in a short period of time. You need to be able to return to your work or activities as quickly as possible, while ensuring that those around you do not notice !

Access your 3D simulation remotely before the teleconsultation and/or in-person consultation

What are the current surgical procedures to beautify the eyes?

Upper blepharoplasty requires careful preoperative monitoring of the eyelid folds while sitting, opening and closing the eyes. Surgeons must be careful when removing the skin, i.e. maintain the natural roundness of the eyes and the fleshy appearance of the eyebrows. The use of radiofrequency or laser scalpels can facilitate the surgery. The orbicularis muscle which allows the blinking of the eyes is preserved as much as possible. If necessary, the eyebrows are raised in the same operation.

To achieve good aesthetic results without complications, lower eyelid surgery remains a challenge. At the turn of the century, the first blepharoplasty was sometimes complicated by hollow eyes and eyelid swelling (ectropion). Today’s surgery therefore aims to remove only the prominent fat, usually in the endoconjunctival pathway, which means that there is no external scarring.

The area of the dark circles (lower eyelid) can also be injected with the patient’s own reprocessed fat. In some cases, the same combination of approaches can be used to lift the cheeks. Next, the area of the outer corner of the eye (outer canthus) must be tightened to strengthen (tighten) the outer corner (angle) (canthopexy).

Autologous adipose tissue (fat) can be very helpful in achieving an amazingly beautified and rejuvenated appearance. The use of micro cannulas and very small fat particles (nano grafts) can optimise the effect of dark circles and tear troughs.

The skin of the lower eyelid cannot be removed and pulled like a micro-lift. If fine lines or skin wrinkles still exist, a special eye peel or radio frequency treatment can be combined at the same time. Therefore, all these techniques allow us to improve results and patient satisfaction when performed perfectly.

Written by expert plastic surgeons, this article aims to present this new technique, but it cannot replace a consultation with a specialist.


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