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French Touch Plastic Surgeon

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Plastic Surgeon in Paris :

– Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. N°10000444033 registered at the Conseil de l’Ordre.

– Member of the Executive Committee of the [SOFCEP].

– Active member of the learned society [SOFCPRE].

– Former intern, former Chief of Clinic of the Paris Hospitals, former Attaché of the Pitié-Salpêtrière.

– Certified by the High Authority of Health, accredited and qualified by the French Medical Association in Aesthetic Surgery and Anti-Aging Medicine.

– Active member of the French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and member of the Expert Committee of the AAC Label.

– Certified by the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

– Member of the College of Plastic Surgery and the National Union of Plastic Surgeons [SNCPRE].

– Author and co-author of several books on plastic surgery and anti-ageing medicine.

– Won the Best Clinical Case Award in Rhinoplasty.

– Accredited on the quality of the professional practice of doctors and medical teams practising in health establishments by the Haute Autorité de santé [HAS].


Docteur Sylvie POIGNONEC
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Five Fundamental Principles To Support You

in your beauty care and surgery.
How to make the most of your beauty treatments and surgical procedures by following this advice :

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1/ Talk openly and confidentially to your surgeon

Your surgeon is there to listen, and you can confide in him or her in complete discretion.
This possibility is guaranteed by article 4 of the Code of Medical Ethics, which protects medical confidentiality

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Paris 4

2/ Unique motivations, personal stories: the crucial importance of the first consultation.

Everyone comes with a different motivation and a particular and unique personal story.
The first consultation is very important, during which we create the first link, which must be sincere and authentic; we will take the time needed to understand your needs and analyse how they can be met.

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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Paris 6

3/ Restoring the balance between reality and perception

Sometimes we have a distorted image of ourselves, so it's important to restore the balance between reality and perception.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Paris 7

4/ Essential tips for successful seduction: reveal your personality with the right measures !

Before taking action, it's my duty to give you some sound advice, particularly on the need to adopt beneficial measures that are right for you.
In our technological age, where efficiency is everything, it's common to see intense fads being created, sometimes accompanied by the excessive excesses that surround us.
It is essential that any aesthetic changes enhance your personality and seductive power, without putting you at a disadvantage.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Paris 8

5/ The subtle balance between natural and artificial : Insightful advice for a look without excess.

It's crucial to know how to use rather than abuse, because there's a fine line between what's natural and what's artificial.
In this context, my role is to give you sound advice and, sometimes, to remind you of the limits, explaining to you with tact and moderation what can be achieved with subtlety and modesty, in accordance with your desires.

Simplify your life and prepare in three-dimensional imaging your free consultation and expected aesthetic results !

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