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My motto : Beautify, rejuvenate, respect your personality.

To the French touch of Dr. POIGONEC and his Team - Plastic Surgery in Paris

As a woman plastic surgeon, I have a very particular view of this speciality, which requires a great deal of professional experience, personalised listening and empathy.

Each woman, each man, who comes for a consultation tells a different story that must be discovered with the eyes of a technician experienced in all the techniques, but also those of an artist who works with his heart

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— Qualified in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

— Former intern, former Chief of Clinic of the Paris Hospitals, former Attaché at the Pitié-Salpêtrière

— Member of SOFCEP, SOFCPRE, and ISAPS 

— Certified by the High Authority of Health, recognized and qualified by the French Medical Association Specialized in Aesthetic Surgery and Anti-Aging Medicine Procedures

— Active member of the French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and Member of the Expert Committee of the AAC Label.

— Author and co-author of several books on Aesthetic Surgery and Anti-Aging Medicine

— Awarded the prize for the best clinical case in Rhinoplasty


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The 3 basic principles to accompany you

throughout your beauty treatment or surgery :

1/ Highlighting your personality

Understand the context, of course, but also your personality, because it is often limited by a poor self-image

For example, if you don’t dare to go towards others, if you are self-effacing when you like to be noticed, if you feel that you have a critical eye

In front of you, if you no longer dare to speak in public, if you hide behind your clothes or your make-up, or even in your intimate relationships, if you are no longer at ease.

These treatments or this operation that I will carry out will allow you to highlight your personality, to feel yourself again, at ease, free of any artifice.

2/ An personalized approach

Each person has a personal motivation for seeking out aesthetic surgery because everyone has a unique history.

For certain people, a small physical imperfection has become a complex that affects their relationship with others.

For others, the effect of time has caused a shift in their body’s age versus their perceived age.

They feel young while the mirror projects the image of a fatigued or aging person.

It is therefore important to reestablish this balance between what is real and what is felt.

3/ Advice & good measure

But before committing to the act, I have a duty to advise you.

Because our actual techniques, albeit very effective, carry often an important infatuation and sometimes we see arounds us these drifts and above all these excesses.

Each aesthetic procedure should reveal your personality and above all not disservice you. It is necessary to know how to use and not abuse this skillset, because the border between naturel and artificial is tenuous.

My role is therefore to advise you and to sometimes restrain you, but above all, explain what is possible in terms of your desires with tact and honesty.

Prepare my 3D free consultation

Before the consultation with Dr. POIGNONEC, I create my 3D profile and I preview the shape and volume of my future breasts in 3D

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