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Ptosis the drooping eyelid makes you look sad or tired

Eye lift

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Eyelid lift or how eye surgery can erase the years and restore self-confidence !

Eyelid lift 3The eye lift allows to correct this negative image perceived in the eyes of others to make a positive image. Also and above all, the eye lift allows you to regain your self-esteem, self-confidence and well-being, which drooping eyes, drooping eyelids or drooping eyebrows gradually devalue and destroy.

We are in great shape, we are happy, but our eyes show the opposite. Because undeniably, if the eyes are the mirror of the soul, they are also the reflection of time. And the way we look at ourselves is the first line of perception by others of our age and our health.

Disobliging remarks such as « You look tired », « You look like a beaten dog » , « You look sad », are all hurtful remarks, negative judgments that hurt us and that, most of the time, are not always the same.

An eye lift can act on 3 areas :

  • The upper eyelids
  • The lower eyelids
  • Eyebrows and outer eye

Eye lift reimbursement and coverage

When you have congenital or acquired upper eyelid ptosis, you may be eligible for social security coverage. It is a problem with the levator muscle of your eyelid and not an excess of skin.

Your eyelid descends abnormally, often to half the pupil. The main surgical procedures are to shorten the eyelid lift muscle or to suspend the upper eyelid from the forehead muscle, with or without a graft. This is not at all the case for cosmetic procedures which allow the removal of unsightly excess skin and are therefore not covered by Social Security.

Droopy eyes : causes and remedy

At birth, eye colour is indeterminate. It evolves and stabilises within a few months and then we keep the same colour, in principle, for the rest of our lives. On the other hand, everything that surrounds the eye, the eyelids, the eyebrows, the skin, is unfortunately subject to the ravages of time, whether it be the environment or the passing years. The sun, tobacco, pollution, stress, poor diet are all factors that degrade the skin and add to the inevitable ageing of cells. Hereditary physical factors, particularly in our skeleton, the proportion of orbital openings for example, contribute to slowing down or accelerating the relaxation of the surrounding tissues.

Hormonal factors also play a negative role, as oestrogen no longer maintains the skin’s elasticity. The skin then loses its tone. The dermis, the fatty and muscular tissues become thinner, the skin slackens, dragging down the eyelids, the corners of the eyes and the eyebrows. The eyes fall out !


Eyelid lift 4From the age of 35, the appearance of a skin cap on the outer part of the eye can be observed, which makes the eyes look heavy and, for women, leads to difficulty in applying make-up.

Technical :

Under local anaesthesia, or local anaesthesia with a little sedation, a small incision is made in the fold of the eye. The excess skin is removed from this incision. Precise measurements are taken with a special pair of forceps before the operation, in a sitting position and with the eyes closed, so that only excess skin is removed. The scars are hidden in the natural folds.

In many cases, there is also a small swelling in the inner corner of the eye. This is a small pocket of fat that is removed during the operation. The look of the eye is not changed, it is immediately rejuvenated, the effect is spectacular. It is rare that a new operation is envisaged before a dozen years.


Pockets of fat, known colloquially as « suitcases ». In some cases, these pockets of fat appear in young subjects, in which case they are congenital pockets.
Loose skin, with skin folds.
Hollow dark circles, with a bluish colouring.

Technical :

When the skin slackening is important, it is possible by an incision under the eyelashes, i.e. passing under the eyelashes and extending a little beyond the external corner of the eye, to remove a few millimetres of skin in order to tighten it. During this lower eyelid lift, the surgeon will of course take every precaution not to remove too much skin and not to obtain the “round eye” that some patients complain about.

Through this incision under the cilia, one can also remove the pockets of fat that are too large and give a tired look. If there are only pockets of fat without excess skin, they can be removed conjunctivally, i.e. through the inside of the eye. This technique allows the removal of small fatty hernias without scarring. The result is spectacular, the tired appearance of the eyes disappears immediately. The result is practically definitive.

In the case of a hollow eye, with dark circles, the look can be softened by an injection of microparticles of fat. This is called eyelid lipofilling. The fat is usually taken from the thigh or the inside of the knee. It is processed, washed and in some cases centrifuged. It is then reinjected into the area around the eyebrows. If it is injected in excess, it must be removed.

This is a very popular procedure because with age, dark circles often deepen and give a tired appearance. The result of lipofilling is prolonged and brings nutritive factors to the skin, which increases its radiance. The melting of the fat is variable, it varies from a few months to a few years. A touch-up is then necessary.


Surgery and aftercare

This eyelid surgery, or eye lift, is done on an outpatient basis after having seen an ophthalmologist or an anaesthetist depending on the type of anaesthesia desired.

The patient leaves the clinic the same day after a few hours of monitoring. You may feel some tension in your eyelids and a slight irritation of the eyes, but the prescription of eyewash that you have been given quickly compensates for this discomfort.

The bruises and swellings will remain visible for 5 to 10 days, and the scars will be slightly pink for the first month, but make-up is allowed from the 7th day. Wearing sunglasses is recommended.


Brow lift

Drooping eyebrows and the outer part of the eye :

The outer part of the eyebrow that falls and the small wrinkles that appear at the corner of the eyes are often associated. There are three techniques for lifting the eyebrows and the periorbital area.

Eyebrow lift by fat injection or lipofilling

As for dark circles, the technique consists of injecting our own fat into the outer part of the eyebrow and the outer eye area (outer canthus). The result is a beautiful lift and opening of the eyes and a discreet smoothing of the wrinkles in the outer part of the eye. The post-operative period is marked by swelling and sometimes bruising. It takes between 8 and 15 days for the swelling to subside. The result is very prolonged but not definitive. Finally, the temporal scar is sometimes made flush with the hair and may be slightly visible for a few months.

Eyebrow lift with botulinum toxin injection

Eyelid lift 5Eyebrow lift and reduction of crow’s feet wrinkles by injection of botulinum toxin: Injected at precise locations, botulinum toxin, by its paralysing effect on certain muscles, allows both the raising of eyebrows that are drooping and the disappearance of crow’s feet wrinkles, if you wish. The results are very good and the treatment must be repeated every 6 months.


The eyebrow lift by temporal mini lift

The eyebrow lift and the lifting of the whole area around the eye by a mini temporal lift: this is a surgical procedure that can be done under assisted local anaesthesia, on an outpatient basis. An incision is made in the scalp, in the temporal area, the skin is slightly stretched backwards to raise the eyebrow, the temporal area. When the hair implantation is backwards, the scar is sometimes made flush with the hair and can be visible for a few weeks.

Outcome and after-effects :

The postoperative period is very short, 2 or 3 days and the result is immediately visible. It is a mini facelift or a partial facelift, called a temporal facelift, which is an excellent indication that gives a natural result. Like all facelifts, the result can last at least 10 years.

Thus, the eye lift gives spectacular results in a few hours with a newfound youthfulness. In just a few days, when you look in the mirror, your eyes will be open, bright, sparkling, and fit, no longer reflecting fatigue, sadness or the weight of years.


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