Who is Dr. Sylvie POIGNONEC ?

Specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery and attached to the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris.

Dr. Sylvie POIGNONEC Aesthetic plastic surgeon on Paris certified by the High Health Authority, recognized and qualified by the order of French doctors specializing in aesthetic surgery and Anti-Aging medicine procedures.
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28 Street of Ponthieu 75008 Paris-Champs-Elysées District

My philosophy of aesthetic surgery…

As a woman I measure the importance of physical appearance in relation to others and in personal well-being. Finally, except to live on a deserted island, one is confronted at every moment of his life to the image that one gives of oneself. In a relationship that begins the first contact is visual first. To feel good about yourself is to evolve serenely in a world, well in its body well in its head. As a cosmetic surgeon my aim is not to radically transform a face, a silhouette or to completely alter a personality but rather to embellish subtly, to improve certain defects, to rejuvenate in an unsuspecting way and Unsuspected. And aging is so terrible? The Eternal race for youth is lost in advance and for all … You have to know that one can nevertheless be beautiful at all ages to take care of its body, its face and its soul … My job is to help those who are struggling to go through the years, to love each other at all ages in their lives by offering them the latest technical innovations to keep a beautiful skin spotless, few wrinkles, sign of good health but whose expr Reprint is unchanged and the personality preserved. Unlike the Americans or Brazilians, the French women who come to my office are mostly very discreet about their cosmetic interventions. As in fashion, the French touch, the distinction and the chic reside in a naturally harmonious appearance, a discreet charm where no traces of surgery, injection or other aesthetic care is perceptible.– Docteur POIGNONEC Aesthetic Surgeon in Paris

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Rewarded with the Best Clinical Case Award in Rhinoplasty

Dr. Sylvie POIGNONEC is fully committed to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and aims to perfection for each patient.
— Active member of the French Society of Plastic Surgery Reconstructive & Esthetics and member of the Committee of Experts of the AAC Label.
— Author and co-author of several books on aesthetic surgery and anti-aging medicine.

Rhinoplasty Specialist

Rejuvenate without surgery

What are the advantages of anti-aging aesthetic medicine for rejuvenating or slimming down without surgery ?
What are the trends in cosmetic surgery ?

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