Chin Liposuction Genioplasty

Chin Liposuction Genioplasty– Explanations : Doctor POIGNONEC plastic surgeon in Paris

It is of course quite possible to realize a lipo-aspiration without genioplasty and vice versa

Chin liposuction or lipoaspiration remodeling : Animation 3D with narration for informational

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Pictures before and after lipo-suction or genioplasty
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Treatment of double chin :

For those who are comfortable with age (mainly men), a double chin can create discomfort, both emotionally and professionally. To revitalize the face, a new technique of lipolysis by laser (a beam under the skin which increases the capacity of skin retraction), associated with a conventional lipo-suction gives excellent results. This little procedure is done under local anesthesia in a hospital environment as an outpatient. 0n introduced the beam and the cannula into tiny incisions under the lobes and under the Chin. Simply keep a small bandage hidden under a scarf, that will remove it after healing. Several months will be still necessary so that the tension of the skin recovers its balance because the retraction of the collagen fibre is very slow.

What is liposuction of the chin?

The liposuction of the chin is often performed at the same time as the facelift but it can also be done in isolation, when people want to lighten the oval their face and neck.

Liposuction of the Chin and jowls, why operate?

Under the chin strap liposuction, or Chin, is suitable for sufferers of their double chin. Often, this area accumulates fat excess, deaf to the plans or to exercise, and gives a look disproportionate to the face.

X-ray of the skull and the face profile

How liposuction of the Chin?

The doctor makes small incisions under the Chin, and then it inserts a hollow tube called “tip” in the fat tissue. The cannula connected to a vacuum unit, is moved under the skin while Vacuuming removes excess fat from the Chin and neck.

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What are the indications for this type of intervention?

Chin surgery provides excellent results insofar as the skin is elastic enough.

How to prepare for the double chin liposuction?

  • The first consultation allows to understand the motivations of the patient and to set specific objectives for the liposuction of the chin.
  • The anesthesia is local, so you won’t need to see the anesthesiologist before surgery, except if a lifting is scheduled at the same time.
  • Any medication containing aspirin should be taken within 10 days prior to the procedure.
  • Normal activity can be resumed 3 to 6 days after surgery, flexible deadlines depending on the importance of liposuction and the type of professional activity exercised.
  • It will be probably prescribed oral homeopathic treatment, Arnica (anti-bleus), Apis (anti-oedeme), as well as a cream for the prevention of postoperative bruising.
  • Is better to plan a social eviction of a few days.
  • The sport is recommended before 3 weeks for activities with no traumatic risk, not before 2 months for the usual activities and not before 3 months for combat sports.
  • Smoking should be stopped for 8 days (at least 6 weeks) before and after the intervention and should not be resumed until the end of the healing process.
Treatment for a double chin
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How to recover after the operation?

Usual postoperative care and post-operative care :

Bleeding in the mouth are common just after the procedure, they are usually not serious. Mobility and sensitivity: the feeling of numbness occurs at the level of the lower lip, Chin, and the lower incisors. The loss of final sensitivity is exceptional. Bruises and a slight swelling of the cheeks, lips and neck (edema) usually appear at the level of the treated area. Place ice in a cloth (not directly on the skin) over the area of the hematoma to relieve the inconvenience.

An excellent oral hygiene is essential. Mouthwashes are prescribed. After each meal, the teeth and the gums should be cleaned with an extra soft brush. A water jet can also be used.

Sex and Harmony Chin TEAM Surgery #3

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The pains are variable but painkillers can be prescribed. Avoid the efforts that may cause injury or a deformation in the Chin area. The port of a Chin rest for 15 days is sometimes recommended. The skin will 3-6 months to retract completely and readjust to this new profile. It will take a month to a month and a half before you can judge the results, and 3 months to appreciate it permanently. It is best to avoid exposure to the Sun or U.V. for a minimum period of 3 months following the intervention. A high sun protection cream will be applied to each output, even in winter.

What scars for a genioplasty?

The scars are very discreet since they are inside the mouth, at the level of the lower gums.

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Source Chin Liposuction or Genioplasty : better from the book « plastic surgery, solutions, and advice from my surgeon » © Editions Ambre | Author: Dr. Sylvie POIGNONEC - plastic and aesthetic surgeon, located in the heart of Paris, specialized in plastic surgery, aesthetic & reconstructive

What are the risks and what complications?

Distinguish complications related to those related to the surgical anesthesia.

  • Disorders of the sensitivity of the lower lip of the gums or teeth are normal. They will gradually fade, but recovery may be long.
  • Infection of soft tissue of the Chin or neck (cellulite) may occur a few days to a few weeks after the operation and require treatment.
  • A delayed bone healing is possible but exceptional. This risk is favored by the infection. In this case, a bone graft may be necessary.
  • The fracture of the mandible is exceptional. She is treated at the same time as the genioplasty but doesn’t disqualify the aesthetic result.
  • Consolidation in a bad position. If the movements are important, another operation may be necessary.

Source : Company French reconstructive plastic surgery and aesthetic S.o.F.C.P.R.E

TEAM - Surgery : genioplasty by Dr. POIGNONEC

However, these complication risks are rare and may be limited. Regarding the surgical procedure: By choosing a qualified and competent Plastic Surgeon trained in this type of intervention, you minimize these risks, but do not completely eliminate them.

The use of a qualified Plastic Surgeon ensures that the Plastic Surgeon has the necessary training and competence to avoid these complications or to treat them effectively if necessary. If you notice one or more complications, immediately contact the plastic surgeon and aesthetic surgeon.

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